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An unresolved issue: Is desalinated seawater a national asset for public use or a private asset?

27 de Sep, 2022

We invite you to read the column by our partner José Ignacio Zaldivar Peralta in El Mercurio Legal, where he addresses the issue of the development of desalination in either private or public modalities, primarily due to an almost non-existent regulation. He also highlights Chile as one of the Latin American countries that can boast the most progress in seawater desalination.

“Considering desalinated water as a national asset for public use implies giving this activity a discriminatory treatment compared to the use of terrestrial waters. For example, potable water produced from a terrestrial source is currently a private asset; in contrast, potable water produced from a desalination plant would be a national asset for public use if this project is approved on the terms proposed by the authors of the motion. The problem could be even more complex, considering that there are potable water systems where waters from terrestrial sources are mixed with desalinated ones in the networks.”

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