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After the division of RCZ, Rodrigo ZEGERS reorganizes the firm with a strong focus on Negotiation matters.

4 de Aug, 2022

We appreciate the article published today in Diario Financiero, where the launch of our boutique law firm, ZEGERS Abogados, was highlighted, emphasizing our areas of practice: Litigation and business consulting. Rodrigo ZEGERS Reyes; Maria Jose ZEGERS Quiroga; Nicolás ZEGERS; Rodrigo ZEGERS Quiroga, together with José Ignacio Zaldivar, Francisco Javier Zaldivar, and Juan Carlos Joannon, form the group of founding partners, which, since its inception, has sought a distinctive mark in the field of negotiation.

“We are a boutique firm with 20 lawyers and seven partners, although our aspiration is to reach 35 specialists, always within the areas we have and have been adding,” described our partner Rodrigo ZEGERS Reyes.

Regarding the importance of achieving client objectives, María Jose ZEGERS pointed out: “We delve into areas that are not strictly legal but are crucial to achieving the goals our clients have. For this, a multidisciplinary perspective and a thorough understanding of a specific company or industry are important, and that is what we do.”

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